Cropped Sweater Outfit

A Rush To Chinese New Year

I’m a huge planner. I’ll plan anything and everything. So when it comes to one of my favorite times of year, Chinese New Year, I was planning everything well in advance. So when the week came around, and I realized we were celebrating on the eve and not the day I panicked.

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Casual Valentines Day Outfit

5 Instagrams for Creative Inspiration

This year I wanted to write some little electronic valentines for creatives who inspire me. For 2019 I really wanted to change my mindset on other people’s work. Sometimes I can get really down in the dumps when I see something that’s incredible, but think I could never achieve. I want to start seeing these things as inspiration and enjoy fostering creativity.

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Black Panther in the Snow | Black and White Monochrome Outfit

I really wanted to get some winter outfit photos in the snow. The best I got was some snow and a whole lot of ice. And now as I’m writing, it’s all being melted away by some serious rain. Peachy. It’s not an ideal winter scene, but I do love these photos and this black and white outfit. That being said, I think I’ll skip out on going into my backyard next time it turns into a natural ice rink.

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Anti Fashion Haul 2019

I really like the idea of an anti-haul. It’s not so much about bashing hauls (at least for me) but rather recognizing what I don’t need or want. I’m not immune to being swept up in trends, and I think this is a good way to reel in that desire to make impulse purchases. I hope lists like this help me reduce the amount of clothes I buy this year and wear what I already have. And maybe it’ll give you some inspiration to give up something you know you don’t need.

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cozy outfit 2019

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and The Best Books of 2018

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge is Everest to me. The idea of completing that sort of challenge is awe inspiring. It’s almost incomprehensible the discipline you have to have to do such a thing, some would say crazy. I’m not the type of person to do something like that, I’ll usually opt for something tamer, but just as fun. But the Rory Gilmore Challenge is too intriguing to pass up.

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