Disappointing Clothes- What do you do with Them?

This week I really just wanted to have fun with a cute, spring outfit. All the different facets of fashion and style online can get a bit stressful, and it’s nice to throw that all away for a day and just wear something a little weird but a lot of fun. The sunshine is also a great motivator to lighten up.

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In Search Of … Conscious and Stylish Shoes

If you’ve ever made any change to your lifestyle you know there are always roadblocks. I think it’s better to share the struggles because switching to ethical and sustainable clothing is not easy, and walking through the hits and misses can help us see the whole picture and hopefully find some sort of solution. So, here’s how my search for conscious shoes has been going.

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Winter Favorites 2019

Despite the whole new year new me thing and the general feeling of a fresh start, winter never feels like a time I want to try a bunch of new things. I think this favorites is a little sparse, but the things I did love are well worth taking a look at including the return of Star Wars shoes, feel good music, how to get perfect, glossy lips, and the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

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Casual Valentines Day Outfit

5 Instagrams for Creative Inspiration

This year I wanted to write some little electronic valentines for creatives who inspire me. For 2019 I really wanted to change my mindset on other people’s work. Sometimes I can get really down in the dumps when I see something that’s incredible, but think I could never achieve. I want to start seeing these things as inspiration and enjoy fostering creativity.

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