Bike Rides With My Vintage Members Only Jacket

Does anyone else buy clothes completely out of season? Back in May, when I went to Toronto, I was really excited by their vintage shopping scene. In most of the guides and tips I was reading it mentioned it was worth a look before leaving the city.  

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Style Inspiration: Snotgirl Vol. 1

Though I love Friends and don’t think I’ll ever be over all the outfits from the show, I wanted to take things a little more nerdy for a bit. I haven’t really caught up with the latest TV shows, but a couple months ago I fell for this comic Snotgirl, and have been itching to read more. We don’t exactly have the same style, but after seeing Kailey on Tumblr talking about the idea I figured it might be fun to see if our style overlapped at all.

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How bad is it to buy from a ‘conscious collection’ instead of a conscious brand?

My dip into ethical and sustainable fashion hasn’t been a hit the ground running sort of thing. I’m looking to change habits and aim for longevity here, so I didn’t throw out everything I own, or give myself strict rules. Rather, I decided to slowly learn more and more each month, and start to think about each purchase I was making and how I could improve. All to say: I still buy clothes from large corporations, where ideally I’d purchase from a ‘green’ brand.

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