In Search of … A Cruelty Free Chapstick

I know, I know. Chapstick, probably the most boring thing in the world. But here’s the thing, it’s not really boring because it’s not only essential, but everyone has there one tried and true pick. The one that they buy in a two pack if they can and can’t leave the house without. The one that makes you curse if you lose it.

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Black Panther BoxLunch Outfit

No joke, when I first saw the casting for Black Panther I thought it was a fan cast; albeit a really great one, but a lineup only a fan would put together. When I double checked with IMDB I was amazed that it was true. So many wonderful black actors coming together got me even more excited for the film. When it actually delivered, and easily became one of my favorites from Marvel, I of course had to pick up some new Black Panther inspired clothes.

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Winter Favorites 2017-18

Winter Style Favorites 2018Wearing

A New Day cardigan (similar), Veja v10 sneakers, TNA coat

At this point I’m a bit winter fatigued with my wardrobe, but back in January and February I definitely had some fun. I wore this cardigan and sneaker combo more than I can count. The two reds match perfectly and it was a simple way to brighten up my typical cold weather grays and black. It also paired well with the many turtlenecks I’ve collected this season.

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13 Things to Do During a Snowstorm

In honor of the second Nor’easter in a week, I figured a good old list was due. Truthfully, I’m getting increasingly frustrated trying to take outfit pictures in the snow and needed a bit of a break too. So, let’s have a true snow day, where I forget my frustration and just relax. Here are some things to get you through the day without saying I’m bored for the 50th time.

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Book Rec: The First Book of Calamity Leek by Paula Lichtarowicz

And the first book rec of the year is The First Book of Calamity Leek by Patricia Lichtarowicz!ย I picked this book up on a whimย in one of the sale sections during a trip to Barnes and Noble. I figured it’d be a quick, easy read in between some heavier books I have on my TBR. When I started reading though, I was pulled right into this odd world I couldn’t make sense of, and the book quickly became a favorite.

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6 Cruelty Free Nail Polish Brands to Add to your Collection

At the start of my switch to cruelty free beauty products, nail polishes were an even bigger hit to my heart than makeup. I have an honestly unnecessary large collection of nail polish, and it was hard to face the fact that the majority of the brands I was using I wouldn’t be able to buy again. It took some time, but once you get past the big mainstream brands there are some great smaller and even indie brands that perform and look fun. Here are some brands that are not so hard to find for every price range from budget buys to a splurge.

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Style Inspiration: Phoebe Buffay

Do you have a piece of clothing that’s “the one who got away?” Maybe you weren’t fast enough to scoop it up from the sale or it was just crazy out of your budget, but either way it left a little hole in your heart. Most fashion losses I can handle. I’ll be sad for a few days, but ultimately I can move on and look back without regret. Though, once in awhile there’s an item that I can’t get out of your head and always seems to pop up in my head when I’m staring at my closet.

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