How bad is it to buy from a ‘conscious collection’ instead of a conscious brand?

My dip into ethical and sustainable fashion hasn’t been a hit the ground running sort of thing. I’m looking to change habits and aim for longevity here, so I didn’t throw out everything I own, or give myself strict rules. Rather, I decided to slowly learn more and more each month, and start to think about each purchase I was making and how I could improve. All to say: I still buy clothes from large corporations, where ideally I’d purchase from a ‘green’ brand.

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Soaking Up Summer |Monochrome Outfit with Pops of Blue

Now that August is almost through, I’ve been thinking a lot about the parts of summertime I want to squeeze in before it’s gone. I think it’s a little better than simply waiting for fall to arrive, and a lot more fun. While I’m gathering my friends together for one last nice, summer day, I’ve also been thinking about the summer clothes I’ll hate to pack away. This led me right to this lace Aerie Bra (again) and my good old Teva’s.

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Style Inspiration: Rachel Green Wedding Guest Edition

At the first thought of attending a wedding I was all for recreating a characters’ look. There are so many dramatic dress reveals in sitcom and movies alike, and my mind went to all the flounces and bustles and bows and patterns in the world. Then I remembered it’s August. So, that means instead I had to find a costuming moment that met the perfect summer wedding guest dress in my head; mainly lightweight, church appropriate, and rewearable.

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