Cropped Sweater Outfit

A Rush To Chinese New Year

I’m a huge planner. I’ll plan anything and everything. So when it comes to one of my favorite times of year, Chinese New Year, I was planning everything well in advance. So when the week came around, and I realized we were celebrating on the eve and not the day I panicked.

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30 Wears Challenge Winter

Styling Then & Now: Tommy Hilfiger Neutral Sweater

I wanted to challenge myself to style the oldest sweater I own in a new way and make sure it gets in another 30 wears. In the past, I relied on new clothes to spark my creativity, but if I want to purchase less this year I’ve got to move that creativity over to styling instead.

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Black Panther in the Snow | Black and White Monochrome Outfit

I really wanted to get some winter outfit photos in the snow. The best I got was some snow and a whole lot of ice. And now as I’m writing, it’s all being melted away by some serious rain. Peachy. It’s not an ideal winter scene, but I do love these photos and this black and white outfit. That being said, I think I’ll skip out on going into my backyard next time it turns into a natural ice rink.

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Style Inspiration: Snotgirl Vol. 1

Though I love Friends and don’t think I’ll ever be over all the outfits from the show, I wanted to take things a little more nerdy for a bit. I haven’t really caught up with the latest TV shows, but a couple months ago I fell for this comic Snotgirl, and have been itching to read more. We don’t exactly have the same style, but after seeing Kailey on Tumblr talking about the idea I figured it might be fun to see if our style overlapped at all.

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