Going Out Outfits According to Someone Great

A comfort movie for days indoors with great outfits for night out.

The idea for this post started as an ode to going out again. At the beginning of the summer, I thought it’d be a fun way to celebrate gathering, partying, and seeing our friends again. But now that I’m writing this I, and most of the people I see on social, are realizing there hasn’t been much going out the past few months. Rather, the hope died down a bit with new concerns and odd weather keeping us at home rather than out at festivals and concerts.

I don’t want to lose all that hope though, so we’re still going to celebrate the few moments nights out we had this year and look forward to the ones we’ll have in the future. And one the best ways to celebrate is with the movie Someone Great.

The Film

It’s hard to categorize Someone Great, because it’s not exactly a Rom-Com. It’s actually more of a Breakup-Com, but instead of straight up sad the realistic sorrow is matched with supportive friendships, borderline silly banter, and hope. What I love about the film is that balance beam of realism. It’s obviously not perfectly true to life, but it only steps a toe over the line to give the girls silly situations to work through and quippy conversations that are just a few shades too perfect and pop-culture filled to be natural.

Stacey Battat toes that same line with the clothes. They’re not ahead of the fashion trends but they’re comfortable within a cute and trendy style, suit the characters very well, and are appropriate for actual women living in New York (as much as I love the fantasy NYC costuming.)

Let’s breakdown what Jenny, Blair and Erin decide to where for their big night out.


Jenny is our girl going through a break up. After spending a day drinking, hunting down some concert tickets, and seeking the comfort of her girlfriends, she strong-arms her friends into going to the Neon Classic to dance her troubles away, reminisce, and possibly have a ‘chance’ run in with her ex before she leaves town for her new job.

For the excursion, she opts for a 90s slip dress paired with a oversized jean jacket and thigh high boots. This look has the marks of a ‘look what you’re missing’ post breakup outfit, but I actually find it’s not that direct. Earlier in the film Jenny wears a similar jean jacket as she’s wandering around the city heartbroken. It’s return for the going out look feels more like a security blanket rather than someone just trying to show off.

The 90s influence is a nice touch as she sings Dreaming of You by Selena in the middle of a bodega, plus for much of the film is she’s reminiscing on her relationship. Her and her beau weren’t dating in the 90s, but her mind is clearly on the past for much of the film, and her style here reflects that.

what I'm wearing: Levi's Trucker Jean Jacket, Brandy Meville Dress (old - similar), Madewell bralette


Erin is the friend determined to be there for her girl, though she uses it to ignore her own relationship struggles. Though successful and a rock in the friend group, she is also the most childish. So, while her outfit during the day is a very casual approach to workwear her night out look is all fun.

The matching jacket and skirt set stays strictly in a fun category with an ultra cropped jacket and mini skirt. She keeps the focus on the bright red with a simple white bra and adds on some more fun with twisted hoop earrings and a silly pineapple purse. While Jenny is more 90s, Erin has a touch of 00s flare with the bold color and lighthearted approach to dressing. It suits the characters and during their night out it’s an appropriate outfit for her last hurrah before becoming a little more of an adult.

what I'm wearing: Aerie bra (similar), Anthropologie skirt (similar), White House Black Market dress (worn open- similar) 


Blair is my girl! She’s cautious, but still ready for a good time (as long as we don’t get too wild.) Her journey focuses on letting loose just a little more and going after what you want instead of sticking to the safe option. Despite the new walk on the wild side, she still stays true to her sensibilities and opts for a unique but relatively practical approach to a going out outfit.

A simple skirt and tee look is jazzed up with a unique long coat and shiny heels. This is a great outfit formula that’s equal parts comfortable and bold. It feels like the tee and skirt are her comfort zone, but then right before they left she picked up the long patterned coat and said ‘why not?’ If there’s a motto to creating the perfect going out look that would be it; Why not?

What I'm wearing: A New Day tee, thrifted skirt (similar), thrifted jacket (similar)

More on Erin's great style from Cassandra Rose over at On Screen Closet

This film has an incredible soundtrack - pop it on whenever you want to have a dance party

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