Summer Days in Aerie

Summer hit me pretty hard this year. I’m sure there’s a small part of me that appreciates the heat after those long winter days and endless spring rain, but I was not prepared for heat rash and constantly feeling sticky from sunscreen and bug spray. Not the most glamorous image of summer days, but that’s been reality for the past week. It’s hard to get dress when you feel like you’re melting.

The Top

For the past few years I’ve associated summer with a trip to Aerie. There’s something about that store that keeps pulling me back. It hits that sweet spot between cutesy and overly stylish or sexy. It’s where I can go pick up summer clothes that I can wear out and to a family picnic. To top of it all everything is just so comfortable and that’s the number 1 priority once temperatures surpass 90.

It’s always a treat to go into their store or read their newsletter and see all the positivity. I’ve become wary of feminism as marketing, particularly for larger corporations, but Aerie never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s also exciting to see them improve each year (last year using pictures without photoshop and this year expanding their size range and much more.) I hope this is just the beginning for them and they continue support and cater to all types of women.

Aerie Bralette, Levi's shorts, Quay sunglasses (similar), Target Sandals, 
Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo

Aerie Summer Outfit 02

Berry Bruchetta

Lemon Tart

IMG_3542 (1)

Aerie Summer Outfit 01

Old Aerie dress, Only hearts bra

Summer Rain


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