Fish’s Favorites: Spring 2018

All of spring felt like a rush. There was about a week of true spring weather, lots of rain the rest of the time, and lots of me juggling birthdays, life changes, and family time. I feel like I need to nap through July, but sadly that wont be possible. Instead I’ll start thinking about all the things I must do before summer ends. Before the list making starts, lets take a look back at spring.

ff spring 18 wearing


Allbirds Runner sneakers, Tottenham Jersey [Son], Camp Collection shorts

This month a was very much on the comfy and cozy side while I waited for better weather to arrive.

My AllBirds Runners have become my new favorite shoe. The color and style is just so versatile that I have trouble picking up anything else to wear at work or out with friends.

There were a tense 3 weeks where there was no Premier League soccer on Saturday mornings. So annoying, but thankfully the World Cup is this year and I don’t have to be productive on the weekends. This jersey is so dear to me and though South Korea may be out, I’ll still wear it to watch the Cup.

If I’m not wearing Levi’s denim, I’m wearing these Camp shorts. They are so comfortable and the high waisted style make me feel like I actually tried and I’m not totally wearing the short version of sweat pants.

ff spring18 watching


Rachhloves, Jenn Im, Lavendaire

Lately, my watch history is all over the place and includes a lot of repeats as I watch new seasons and re-watch old favorites. So to shake it up I’ve got three youtube ladies who I’ve been obsessing over.

Rachhlove’s channel continues to be my most watched beauty channel. I love how her energy is so genuine and the way she describes products makes sense to me. She’s also great at reviewing products in detail with lots of information. She also has cute emoji rating system.

Jenn Im has been a long time favorite, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned her much. I love her style and she always tempts me into trying new trends and pieces. Her vlogs are also well put together and worth a watch when you have some time.

Lavendaire is a new channel to me, but I’ve found myself a bit obsessed. She tackles topics like zero waste, minimalism, and self care. I don’t always agree with her outlook, but her positivity is infectious and motivating. I’m always curious when I see her videos pop up.



Pacifica Dream Big Lash MascaraAnastasia eyeshadow in Caramel, 
100% Tea Tree oil, Josie Maran light argan oil

I may have gotten a little too confident and tried a couple a new products and my face completely freaked out. So the past few months have been slowly getting everything back to normal and the routine was very minimal.

I used 100%% tee tree oil on all my pimples and argan oil worked well as a non-irritating moisturizer.

When I was able to pick makeup up again I loved using this Anastasia single in Caramel. Its perfectly in between an orange and red brown color. It brings a unique color to the crease without it being a huge statement.

I’ve also fallen for the Pacifica Dream Big Lash mascara. I thought the two-in-one aspect would be a gimmick, but it’s actually quite handy. If I want something more natural I twist it so the brush is long to get some length. Then when I want some drama I’ll layer another coat on top while the brush is short. It’s fun and cuts down on the urge to buy multiple mascaras for different looks.

ff spring18 listening


Similar to what I was watching, everything I was listening to was kind of repetitive. There’s some awesome music coming out in the next few months, but I thought I’d give a shout out to a few remixes that bring new life to old favorites.

I can’t wait to listen to Years & Years’ new album, but in the meantime the remixes of their single Sanctify will have to do. I particularly like the Alma remix.

That stupid summertime Walmart commercial always gets Suga Suga by Baby Bash stuck in my head. The song hasn’t really lived up to time for me, but this Point Point remix scratches my itch to listen to the song at least 50 times.

I’ve found out that out of all these Youtube remixes pretty much any Louis The Child one will be my favorite. This Body Gold mix makes me equally crave more Oh wonder and more Louis The Child.

Now it’s time to make that summer to-do list.


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