Reformation on Toronto Island

I took a weekend trip to Toronto, Canada with some friends a couple weeks back. It reminded me a lot of traveling to Dublin in a ‘why do I always travel to places that aren’t known for sun’ kind of way. The city was covered in a gray clouds and we were fighting the rain more than fellow tourists. It may have been chilly, but a ride to the Toronto Islands was still beautiful.

The Top

I took the colder weather as an opportunity to wear many layers for some interest beyond a simple sweater. The current apple of my eye is this Reformation top. It such a classic cut that’s off set with a frilly collar, and the gray color keeps it from becoming too doll like.  Reformation is also the most modern brand I’ve found that takes sustainability seriously.

Reformation top, old flannel (similar), Anthropologie Cardigan 
(similar), Levi 721 jeans, ASOS chelsea boots

Toronto Island Ferry

Toronto Island 04

Toronto Island 02Toronto Island 03

Toronto Island 01


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