Book Rec: Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophia Kinsella

Despite taking what feels like years to finish American Gods, I’ve been in a very bookish mood. I blame it on the weather. It’s finally warm enough to start dreaming about days in the yard or on the beach reading a juicy, scandal-filled novel. I will certainly be on the hunt for the next Crazy Rich Asians, but first we’ll start with a sweet and lighthearted book recommendation.

The Story

This book follows Emma as she navigates early adulthood in London. The thing is she has a lot of secrets. You know, little white lies and opinions she’d rather keep to herself. But then she confesses them all to a stranger on a plane in a turbulence induced panic. He was suppose to be a stranger! Of course, he turns out to be the CEO of the company she works for. Oops.

Why I Recommend It

I stated reading this book just as a filler (in between some more serious reads) and I’m not really sure how it became a favorite. It surprised me. Not exactly with the plot, but how well it was composed and self contained. The flow and tone of the novel was so well constructed and it was easy to be immersed in the story. I felt heartbroken, annoyed, and enamored along with Emma while she tries to get her way out of this sticky situation.

She was perfectly relatable, at least to me a fellow mess of a 20-something, before ‘being relatable’ was a thing (this was written in 2005.) It’s a perk of reading old books to change out annoying things about the present for annoying things of the past that just seem quaint and nostalgic now. This book was such a bright spot in my day, and I think I’ll treasure it for simply making me laugh when I felt down.

Now it’s time for those scandalous, summer reads.

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