Style Inspiration: Tina Belcher

Oh Tina Belcher, what can I say about you? She’s the most relatable, hilarious, and her determination in adversity is down right inspiring. Not to mention her simple and classic style is perfect for the first days of spring.

Tina Belcher Collage


If you’re feeling out of the loop, Tina is one of the kids on Bob’s Burgers. She’s an anxious, horse loving, lovesick teenager dealing with crushes, her siblings, and the family business.

I’ve never been a huge fan of cartoons; I’m not a Disney fanatic, never found Funny Guy funny, and I’m not quite hipster enough to be up on all the indie shorts. But there’s something about Bob’s Burgers that has me hysterically laughing by the end of each episode (and sometimes singing along to their original songs.) If you’re up for a lighthearted and unexpected laugh, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Dressed In: Gap tee, Asos skirt (similar), Kohl's Harry Potter 
windbreaker (similar), Allbirds Runners sneakers, A New Day socks, 
Anthropologie hair clip

Tina Belcher Outfit 01Tina Belcher Outfit 02

The Skirt

This kind of outfit is one of my favorites, because I had all the items for a Tina look in my closet already. This denim skirt feels ancient (it’s easily over three years old.) Though it’s stood up pretty well despite being a cheap ASOS purchase, the frayed ends drive me crazy. They curl up everytime I wash it and take a good 30 minutes to iron out just so it looks kind of normal. Maybe my ironing skills are just not up to snuff or maybe it’s time to let this one go.

Tina Belcher 03

The Sneakers

My luck with sustainable sneakers continues with AllBirds Runners. Out of all my sneakers they are the lightest, close to my Adidas gym sneakers, which makes them comfortable for long hours. They are made out of wool, collected in New Zealand. I know that might sounds like a weird material for a sneakers, but here’s the thing; they don’t warm my feet like a wool hat, they aren’t itchy, and they don’t look like ‘eco shoes’ (you know the look.) They’re a perfect match if you want to avoid clunky shoes or need a reliable pair of shoes for work or travel.

Don’t be afraid to spend the day like Tina; Wink a little, flirt a little, and don’t let the boys gets you down.

Tina Belcher Outfit 04


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